About Us

Spirit of VysPro-India

  • Every life member is a professional and every professional is a Vyspro. (i.e., Vysya Professional.)
  • All the members are the SPIRIT of VYSPRO -INDIA
  • Fellowship is Friendship .
  • Team work improves the Quality and multiplies the Capability.
  • Life is worthy, if every one share with other members.
  • Leave dependence, independence, live with interdependence in pursuit of Excellence.
  • The Executive Committee should be determined to create determination.
  • Vision: Vision is the key for growth. Our vision is to “TO SERVE”
  • Hands + Heels + Heads + Hearts = Happy Harmonious Professionals.
  • Improve yourself first. Help the organization next.
  • Organizational Spirit charges you with responsibility.
  • Yesterday’s experience is today’s improvement.
  • Each activity and programme is a Challenge and Opportunity.
  • X3 = Xplore, Xperience and attain Xtacy in the Organisation.
  • News Letter:It is a building block and a bridge between the Association and public.
  • Our Language:
    • We - We is the winning spirit of language
    • Excel - Excel with the exemplary language
    • Clarity -Clarity is purity of language
    • Joy - Joy is the divinity of language
    • Inspiration - Inspiration is touching effect of language
    • Totality - Totality is completeness of language.
  • Be on time. No over time.
  • Quality first. Quantity next.
  • Women is better half. Man is other half.
  • Brand Image: It is not just a logo nor website. It is a good experience with Vyspro.
  • Serving fellow members is the cause to do excellent projects.
  • When the Committee Members care every member , they become responsible leaders in the country.
  • ‘E’ Spirit : Ethics, Energy, and Excellence, that leads the Organisation to Enlightened Wisdom.
  • Q & Q Policy: Insist on Quality. Persist on Equality.
  • Pending: Pending is ending to the growth.
  • President:As fire is the first God in Vedas, President is the First Vyspro to ignite the fire in the Association.
  • Let come the LIGHT: New professionals are most welcome to bring more light.
  • Yes: Let us always say ‘Yes’ for new ideas, programmes, serving needy students, recognizing the merit, greatness , because ‘S’ (yes) is the at the centre of vySpro.
  • Past Facts + Present Realities + Future Possibility + Changing Technology = Truth.

Truth is Vyspro – India.


South is yours- Ever pervading is you.

West is yours – Witness is you.

North is yours- Nature is you and

East is yours - Supreme is VYSPRO – INDIA.